Rewriting Your Story

Rewriting Your Story

We are living in a time of massive uncertainty and vulnerability. No one has any definite answers and we don’t know what things will look like next week, let alone six months from now. Unfortunately, this can be a breeding ground for feelings of overwhelming anxiety, depression and even panic.

I don’t want to downplay the gravity of what is going on or suggest you shouldn’t be upset. In fact, you absolutely need to make time and space to feel whatever is coming up for you. What I do ask you to consider is starting to look at the narrative you are creating and how much of it is absolutely true.

It is important to be able to identify how much of what we are experiencing is fact and how much of it is a story we are telling ourselves. Often the stories we tell ourselves make difficult experiences even more excruciating. In absence of data we will always make up stories – and unfortunately we have a huge lack of data right now.

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We are wired to get a positive physiological response (dopamine being released) when we create an ending to a story, even if that ending is not true. I challenge you to notice how often this happens. We may convince ourselves that we are too weak to handle what is happening or that things will never get better. The problem with these statements is we don’t have enough data to say they are 100% true.

When we own our story – what is truly happening – it allows us to write the ending.

I encourage you all to write your own SFD* – stormy first draft. These are the thoughts and beliefs that are swirling around in your head. Once they are on paper you may find that they sound ridiculous or untrue. If there are beliefs that feel deeply engrained or hard to move through, please reach out. I personally could not have worked through some of my own beliefs without my therapist.

Also consider “alternative endings.” What else could end up happening? Our brain typically jumps to negative conclusions or worse case scenarios. What could happen that might be more positive? Could there be something good that comes out of this?

Stay healthy and grounded – and don’t forget I am here with you.


*SFD is a concept created by Brene´ Brown, PhD, LSCW.