How to Start Prioritizing Yourself

How to Start Prioritizing Yourself

I wanted to take some time to talk about “self-care.”

You’ve heard the term before and I think it is often overused and misunderstood. Some people believe it has to be some regular grandiose gesture, like going to the spa every week. That would be great, but it’s not necessary.

Here are some tips on making yourself more of a priority:

1. Find small moments throughout each day to pause and do something nice for yourself. It could getting a 10-minute power nap in, taking a few minutes to enjoy your favorite tea or coffee, or reading a book just for fun.

2. Put yourself on your schedule. It sounds so simple, but most people fail to do this. Carve out some time for yourself each week and put it on the calendar…you deserve this! You are ultimately in charge of your schedule and if you can’t find a few hours a week for yourself it is time to re-evaluate some things. Trust me on this – I am super busy running two businesses and coordinating family life with two kids. You can make it happen.

3. Find time for play. Research shows that we feel so much better when we have time for play, whatever that means for you. Maybe it’s a game night with the kids, a pottery class you’ve always wanted to take or going for a bike ride. Perhaps it’s time to pick up that dusty guitar that you’ve had since high school and give it a try again. Whatever it is, find some time each week (or each day) to play.

4. Know your goals and make sure to incorporate them into your schedule. There’s that “schedule” word again. If you don’t know your goals and if they are not specific enough, it is very unlikely they will happen. Part of exceptional self-care is living your life on purpose – being intentional.

I hope this helps give you a head start on self-care and if you need more help, just ask. A professional can help you organize your goals, work through blocks and barriers, as well as help keep you accountable.